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Will my mobile phone data be lost during a repair?

The technicians aim to save all data during smartphone repairs Cheshunt. However certain mobile phone faults such as not booting up, constantly freezing or slow performance may request a software reboot.

As such, customers should back up their mobile phone data on a regular basis.

I already have a mobile phone part to fix my phone in Cheshunt?

The team do not offer mobile phone repairs for Cheshunt where customers have acquired their own parts, as these parts would not be covered by warranty.

The team only fit high quality mobile phone parts which have been subject to testing.

How expensive is the repair service?

The team pride themselves on offering mobile phone repairs that are both affordable and of a high standard.

Please complete the online enquiry form for a no obligation quote.

Can the technicians repair water damaged phones?

The technicians do not offer a repair service for water damaged handsets.

Water damage can cause component parts to corrode over time, so repairs are not cost effective.

How quick are mobile phone repairs?

The vast majority of mobile phone repairs are completed within 3-5 working days.

This is subject to availability of parts. The team aim to provide customers with a service that is quick and reliable.

Can the technicians repair phone screens?

The team offer screen repairs across a range of models, including:

• iPhones
• BlackBerry
• Samsung Galaxy

Phone Repairs Cheshunt

Professional Mobile Phone Repairs for Cheshunt in Hertfordshire

Are you looking for cost effective and professional mobile phone repairs for an Apple, HTC, BlackBerry or Samsung phone? is the all in one solution - we get you in touch with the experts offering Cheshunt mobile phone repairs by courier or post.

What the dedicated team can offer for mobile phone repairs Cheshunt in Hertfordshire:

• Years of industry experience for trade and general public
• Competitive prices
• Fast turnaround times of 3-5 working days or sooner
• Dedicated mobile phone repairs in a fully equipped service centre
• Parts and labour warranty on all fixed devices
• Nationwide collection and delivery service

Request a Free Estimate

Just select your mobile phone model from the options list on the form for alongside your contact details and any additional information you have on the problem. The customer service department shall get in touch by email, phone or SMS during business hours to arrange you mobile phone repair Cheshunt.

The team do not offer mobile phone repairs for Cheshunt for water damaged devices. They do not supply spare parts or provide a phone unlocking service.

Mobile phone repair Cheshunt

Smartphone Repairs Cheshunt

Fast Mobile Phone Repair Service Cheshunt in Hertfordshire

Affordable phone repairs for Cheshunt in Hertfordshire. All devices are transported by courier or post to a modern repair centre where teams of technicians use high quality parts and specialist tools, to ensure professional results every time.

Common problems with modern phones include:

• Cracked or smashed screens
• Not responding touch screen
• No longer charging
• Not recognised in usb port
• Missing buttons
• Damaged housing
• Poor reception or signal
• Slow performance and constantly crashing

Some common mobile phone models repaired for Cheshunt include:

• iPhone 5 repairs
• iPhone 4S repairs
• HTC Desire repairs
• HTC One repairs
• BlackBerry Bold repairs
• BlackBerry Curve repairs
• Samsung Galaxy S repairs
• Samsung Galaxy Note repairs

These are just some of the mobile phone models no longer under warranty which can be economically fixed within 3-5 working days. A warranty is included with every mobile phone repair across Cheshunt, for your added peace of mind.

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Simply complete the mobile phone form with your contact details and information regarding the mobile phone repair service for Cheshunt that you require. You will receive a a no obligation quote by email, SMS or phone, during business hours.

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i thought the service and speed of resolving my issue was excellent as well as the negotiation on price in comparison to a competitor.

Score 4.2 out of 5

very pleased with device and cost. aleady passed your number on

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cheapest quote given by almost half, which was also lowered by the time i got around to paying so worked out cheaper, excellent service.

Score 5 out of 5

phone works ok well packed for the return delivery thanks

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i did thank the man who responded so quickly to my enquiry and said it was unusual to even get a reply let alone one so quickly.

Score 4.2 out of 5

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my mobile dont want to start. notching happens after pressing on button . no lights at all. i did change battery but its still dead.


dropped phone broken screen. turns on but no lights and touch screen not working however will ring etc.


the i phone has been dropped but only on a carpeted floor. there are no scratches or cracked glass on the phone. the problem is that the phone now says no service everything else on the phone works ok but when you put your sim card in you cant send or receive calls and texts ....


cracked external screen and charging port


shattered and cracked screen when dropped


dropped phone no apparent damage screen not illuminating


smashed glass screen although phone still works touchscreen is ok to use


phone screen have completely came off.the phone still lights up and vibrates but cannot see anything. been told its the lcd screen need replacing


possible faulty screen but when re booting the phone to see if that helped the phone would not restart and will now not turn on.